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ViSi-Genie Starter Kit Demos for Picaso Display Modules

Name : 4D-AN-00016
Title : ViSi-Genie Starter Kit Demos for Picaso Display Modules
Revision : 1.0
Description : This application note is dedicated to illustrating how to create an application that contains a simple music player, a video player, and an image viewer. Some of the input and output objects used in the ViSi Genie environment are also shown.
Link : http://www.4dsystems.com.au/appnote/4D-AN-00016/
Supported Processor : PICASO
Supported Environment : ViSi-Genie
Subcategory : objects
Files :
Difficulty : Medium
Recommendation(s) :
Title Difficulty
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General How to Update the PmmC for Picaso Easy
General Partitioning a micro-SD into FAT and RAW Components Easy
ViSi-Genie Getting Started - First Project for Picaso Display Modules Easy
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