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ViSi GPIO Bus Control Using DIP Switch Objects Picaso

Name : 4D-AN-00067
Title : ViSi GPIO Bus Control Using DIP Switch Objects Picaso
Revision : 1.0
Description : Many of the widgets can be used as a virtual input or output device - to send or receive signals to and from external devices through the thirteen available GPIO pins of the Picaso processor. This application note specifically uses the DIP switch to control eight LEDs on a breadboard through the 8-bit GPIO bus. A simple program for controlling the brightness of an LED is also included. In more advanced applications, the LEDs can be replaced with a microcontroller.
Link : http://www.4dsystems.com.au/appnote/4D-AN-00067/
Supported Processor : PICASO
Supported Environment : ViSi
Subcategory : gpio
Files :
Difficulty : Difficult
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