Just Released: Gen4 Series

4D Systems introduces the gen4 Series - a new streamlined range of slim Intelligent Display Modules designed for rapid and cost-effective development of Graphical Human to Machine User Interfaces.


4D Systems launched today a brand new range of display modules – the gen4 Series - consisting of a variety of slim and sleek display modules with a new optional optically bonded cover lens bezel for seamless and cost-effective integration of a Graphical User Interface to virtually any application.

Sydney, Australia – June 15th, 2016 – The gen4 Series is a brand new range of Intelligent Display Modules from 4D Systems designed specifically for ease-of-use and rapid development cycles, with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality. The gen4 Series includes a variety of display sizes from 2.4” to 7.0” displays, available in non-touch, resistive touch and capacitive touch variations with a new integrated Cover Lens Bezel option. The gen4 Series Display Modules are 100% compatible with 4D Systems’ Workshop4 IDE. Any application designed to run on other 4D Systems display modules featuring the PICASO or DIABLO16 Graphics Processors can effortlessly be made to run on the gen4 Series display modules with little or no modification requirements.

The gen4 Series modules feature a 30 pin ZIF socket, designed for a 30-pin FPC cable allowing easy and simple connection to an application or a mother board. All of the GPIO of the embedded PICASO or DIABLO16 graphics processors are accessible via the 30-pin FFC cable. The slim and streamlined design of the gen4 Display modules minimize the impact of display related circuitry and provide a platform that is suitable to integrate into virtually any application requiring a graphical user interface. As all of the display related circuitry sit inside the plastic mounting base of the gen4 module, application boards can sit flush on the back of the gen4 display modules allowing for an overall slim and simplistic application design.

The gen4 Series display modules incorporate a new optically bonded cover lens bezel option in non-touch and capacitive touch variations, allowing users to quickly create applications with seamless integration to an enclosure or a wall-mounted casing with minimal mechanical design requirements.

Driving the gen4 displays and peripherals are the PICASO or DIABLO16 processors, which enable stand-alone functionality and are programmed using the 4D Systems Workshop4 IDE Software. The Workshop4 IDE enables graphic solutions to be constructed rapidly, and with ease, due to its design being solely for 4D Systems‘ graphics processors.

“Our engineering team has really outdone themselves with the gen4 Series. Not only are we able to provide our customers with a completely new set of hardware and software tools to simplify the creation of beautiful graphical user interfaces, but we are able to provide all of this at an unbeatable price point. This is our most advanced range of HMI display modules yet.” – Atilla Aknar, CEO, 4D Systems

The gen4 Series includes seven display sizes: 2.4”, 2.8”, 3.2”, 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.0” and 7.0”. Each display module is also available as a Starter Kit including everything needed to get started with rapid GUI development. The modules are also available bundled with 4D Arduino Adaptor Shield II and 4D Serial Pi Adaptor for easy integration with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. All modules are available for purchase directly from 4D Systems’ online store, or at one of your local distributors. Software tools are available as a free download at www.4dsystems.com.au.

About 4D Systems – Turning Technology into Art

4D Systems is a global leader in development and manufacture of intelligent graphic display modules, with headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and regional offices in Austria and Philippines. 4D Systems designs and manufactures compact and cost-effective intelligent display modules using the latest state of the art OLED and LCD technology with embedded custom graphics processors that deliver stand-alone functionality to various applications and provide rapid time-to-market on new product development.

For further information about the gen4 Series, visit the product pages at www.4dsystems.com.au.

For further information about Workshop4 IDE, please visit here.


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